Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My New Website

I decided I wanted to start a new website dedicated to teaching others how to barter.  I found it a little hard to teach on this blog and that's what want to do for folks.

So here it is:

Friday, July 20, 2012

Beats by Dre Studio Headphones Trade

Started 7/20/2012

Alright, so I might have cheated a little on this one. Since I spend a lot of time on Craigslist I see deals all the time.  This was a deal I couldn't pass up.  I got a mint condition pair of Beats by Dre. Studio headphones for $130.  That is an absolute steal for this headphone.  I have no plans on using these at all.  I already listed them on Craigslist and the offers are flying in. I say I cheated because I really wanted to only use things I already own, but I couldn't pass this up.  It's offer time!!!!

What I think it's worth: $200 (only paid $130)

Offer #1: Two Airsoft Guns, a Flowboard, and one/two Autographed Baseballs.  I'm looking to trade one item for another and these items just don't do it for me.  It seems like people get tired of airsoft guns pretty quick because I get those offers a lot.  Anways, this is a no.  

Offer #2: Kirby Vacuum and a crap load more.  The guy said he paid $1,200 for this vacuum which is insane.  I'm sure it's an awesome vacuum, but I have no interested in being stuck with a Kirby.  So I graciously decline.  However, this was not the last I heard from this guy.  Here is what else he has offered me;  skies, bikes, drum set, dvd player, punching bag, drum set, longboard, china plates, older gps, g-shock watch, ray bans, keyboard, swords or daggers, book full of gold stamp replicas from the u.s. , weights, telescopes, unicycle, a hanging glass light fixture, snow board, snowboard boots, drum set with ziljin symbol, antique chair, airplanes and a kit one, windsurfer, 3 pane window(2), tony hawk ride board, multiple bikes.  Looks like this guy reallllly wants these headphones.  Unfortunately, nothing he had interests me so it's still a no.

Offer #3: 16GB HP Touchpad Tablet. I don't really see the value here.  I would say the Beats are worth more and they are more desirable. This was an easy no. 

Offer #4: Autographed Ray Allen Tshirt plus cash.  There is no way to verify if this is authentic, but I know the value isn't there.  I know I could have asked for a decent amount of cash on top of the autograph, but that's not the name of the game.  Moving on. 

Offer #5:  Ibanez GIO Gax70 Electric Guitar.  If this was a higher-end guitar I might consider it, but a quick search on eBay shows all kinds of these selling for the low $100s.  The value just isn't there for me so this is a pass. 

Offer #6: Russian Made Night Vision rifle scope, Sony DSC-W290 12mp digital P&S camera with charger, 8gig memory stick, and Sony carry case, Mint Flip Mino HD video camera, Epson P-2000 40GB Personal Multimedia Viewer, Nikon SB-80DX flash, Pelican Style Camera / Video hard case with foam inside, Verizon Blacberry Curve (color black) with charger, DVD player / Recorder, Buck knife collection.    Another guy that reallly wants these headphones. He meant this as I could pick one of these items.  There isn't anything on here that interested me or is worth more in trade value than the Beats so this is another thanks, but no thanks.  

Offer #7: 4th Gen iPod touch.  This would be a trade down.  Easy no.

Offer #8: Rolling shelf.  You read that correctly.  A shelf that rolls.  This one made me laugh out loud actually.  I got to give it to this guy, at least he threw it out there.  Maybe I was in desperate need of this shelf and he just so happen to be offering it to me at the right time.  However, this was not the case and I graciously declined his offer. 

Offer #9: iPod Nano or Handheld Camera. She explained to me that since I don't use the headphones (that's what I said in the ad) that I shouldn't it shouldn't matter that these items aren't even close in value. Well, she's wrong.   

Offer #10:  50cc Mini Cruiser. This is one of those tiny little gas powered bikes.  It's missing a the chain and he said the back tire is pretty much dead.  It would take about $200 to get this thing up and running again which is about what it's worth.  Unless he throws in cash to help with the repairs, this is a big no. 

Offer #11: Airsoft Sniper Rifle with a Scope.  This whole package new isn't worth what these headphones could sell for second hand.  I don't know what is it with airsoft guns, but I'm still getting these offered on a regular basis.  Moral of the story, don't buy airsoft guns because you'll be bored with them very quickly. 

Offer #12: Pick between, 7'4 Ricky Carrol Surfboard, 6'4 Webber Surfboard, 6th Generation Ipod Nano or 50$ gift card to Hollister + cash.  Where do I start? I MIGHT consider the Webber Surfboard because it is in great shape and has a high perceived value. The down side is, how many people do you know that like to surf?  Exactly.  It's a pretty small group.  The rest of the stuff just doesn't appeal to me and the value isn't there. So I'm leaning more towards a no on this one. 

Offer #13:  A/C Unit Still in the Box. I have two A/C units in my house already and I don't plan on trading an A/C anytime soon.  No thank you. 

Offer #14: Bar Mirror. Massive trade down = No

***** I changed the headline of the asking specifically for a laptop.  Laptops have a high perceived value so I figured it would be a good trade. 

Offer #15: emachines e525. He told me it "only" needs a hard drive in order to work.  Unfortunately, I'm not part of the Geek Squad so changing out a hard drive isn't just something I do on the weekend.  

Offer #16: Toshiba Satellite C655D.  This is actually close to the same model laptop I'm on right now.  I think it works great and it does everything I need it to do.  I would be really interested in trading with this guy so I asked for pictures.  We went back and forth a few times and I'm just waiting to get some pictures now.  Stay tuned! UPDATED: He backed out.  Didn't give much of a reason. Moving on! 

Offer #17: Started with Paintball Gear turned into Dell Inspiron.  He asked me if I had any interest in paintball gear and I told him that I was not much of a paintball guy.  So he came back with a Dell Inspiron laptop.  He says it works 100% and that he is going to send me some pictures.  Stay tuned! 

****I changed the headline again to try and spark something new.  I put that I was looking for an iPad or iPhone 4 with a cracked screen.  I know to fix these pretty easy so I figure I should be able to get someone who wants to get rid of there broke iphone/ipad to get these headphones.  

Offer #18: 8gig iPod Touch with broken screen.  Not quite what I was looking for.  Very easy no.

My Offer: iPhone 4 with broken screen from Verizon.  I found someone that had an iPhone 4 with a broken screen and they said they were looking for pretty much anything, but they liked electronics.  I contacted her and she loved the trade idea.  We set something up, but we live about 4 hours away so the meeting time was for the 11th of August which is a week and a day from now.  That's like a year in trade time.  A lot of things can happen before now and then.  Plus, I'm not even following one of my "lessons learned" which is to get the deal done when its hot.  It's nice to have something set up though.  Stay tuned to this one!   

Offer #19: iPhone 3 with a cracked screen.  Close, but not quite there yet! I don't feel like I could get a good enough trade after the iPhone is fixed to justify trading the Beats.  It's nice to see the new title is working though.  I'll be happy once these Beats are gone.  Note to self, no more trading Beats by Dre... 

Offer #20: Beginner Guitar, Speaker box for a Car System, Pair of Nike Sneakers Size 11. No, no, and since I wear a size 9.5, no.  Yes, I know I have a small shoes size. Insert small shoe size joke here.  I just told the guy I have a tentative deal in the works right now so I had to turn him down. 

Offer #21: Food Processor. This is an interesting one.  I'm going to cut and paste the exact email this guy sent me because I want to show you what kind of emails you'll get.  Here it is: "I am interested to my brand new blender/food processor worth a little less than your headphones if they were brand new. Since your headphones are used I think it would be a fair trade and since you lost interest they aren't worth anything just sitting there. This blender/food processor is something that you would use a lot more than those headphones and it could also be a good gift for any of your lady friends. You probably don't get many offers on here anyway because I have seen these headphones on here still wrapped up in the box. If your interested let me know.".  Maybe his food processor would be a good trade.  Here's the problem, I don't take well to hard sellers.  I know it might work on some people, but I don't like people assuming things and basically telling me I should trade with them.  I emailed him back and told him I would use the food processor even less than the headphones and I can see he's learned a few things from Barter Kings.  He never responded....  

Offer #22 Brand New PSP with 4 Game and a Movie: I don't think the value is quite there.  Plus, I have the iPhone 4 trade that is still looking like it's going to happen.  Pretty easy no.

Offer #23: National Cash Register and a Kids Indian Motorcycle. I had the lady send me pictures of these just to see what they looked like.  If the cash registrar was in great condition and I could find the value of it online somehow I might have considered this one. However, it turns out the cash registrar was old and pretty much looked like junk.  It might have been worth a lot of money still, but it's not what I'm looking for right now.   The motorcycle was junk too so it was easy to look past.  

Trade #1 Complete 8/11/12

Hallelujah!!! The Beats are gone! Notice a little something with the screen? She's got a couple cracks.  I already ordered a new screen that should be here anytime.  I'll be able to fix this up and list it ASAP. I'm assuming I'll have much better luck with the this than I did with the headphones.  Since I need to wait for the screen to come in and then fix it, I'll put the date I actually list the phone. UPDATE: Alright, I have to admit something to you guys.  I tired fixing this myself, but it is A LOT hard than I would have thought.  So I cheated and brought it to a place that fixes these things.  I talked the price down to $50 which isn't bad, but more than I wanted to spend.  I finally listed it a few days ago and immediately started getting offers. 

What I think it's worth (fixed): $350 (up $150)

Date Listed 8/24/2012

Offer #1: Acer Netbook. Although, I've proved that netbooks are a great item to trade I don't think this would be a very smart one at all.  I can probably get this netbook on eBay right now for about $150-$175.  Very easy, no thanks. 

Offer #2: Jagerater.  What is a Jagerater, you ask?  Well, it's a dispenser for Jager that keeps it cool and make it so shots are easy to pour.  Thankfully, he sent me a picture of it so I can show you guys.  I've sen this listed in the barter section for weeks now, which males it even less appealing.  Although, it's pretty cool and I don't mind the occasional shot of Jager (maybe once a year), I turned it down. 

Offer #3: Cash.  They didn't give me a price, but just asked if I wanted to sell it.  Replied with a "Sorry, I was looking to trade".

Offer #4: AT&T iPhone 4.  Yes. They wanted to trade me an iPhone for an iPhone.  I didn't mention anywhere in the ad I switched service or anything that might make someone think I would want another iPhone from different carrier.  I wasn't really sure how to put it lightly that I wasn't looking to trade for the exact same item so I told her I upgraded to an iPhone 4S which was why I was trading in the first place. 

Offer #5 Cash.  Same deal as Offer #3. 

Offer #6: PS3. These seem to be a dime a dozen in the barter section of Craigslist.  This would definitely be a trade down.  

Offer #7: Macbook. Don't get too excited now! It's an older one which wasn't really the issue for me.  The issue was the cosmetic damage to the case.  This thing was rough.  It had cracks and even missing plastic. The guy said it worked fine and everything, but I'm just thinking it might be hard to trade with all the issues.  I just responded to him saying it was a little rougher than I was hoping.  He never wrote back. 

***Update: A challenge has been thrown down before me! One of my loyal readers wants to have a barter off! He proposed that we both start with an iPhone 4 and see who can do the best trade up within a month.  So I am currently in a holding pattern with this trade until he gets his hands on the exact same iPhone 4 as I have. Before we start, I'm going to make a video and post it to my YouTube channel announcing who my challenger is so you can follow us both on twitter to see who is currently in the lead. This will be exciting.   

**** Challenge update: My challenger for his hands on an iPhone and the contest officially began 8/31/2012.  I posted my iPhone that day and got an awesome offer (seen below) about 45 mins after I posted it.  

Offer #8:  iPad 2 32gig.  This is actually from the same person who offered my the Jagerater.  Looks like he really wanted an iPhone 4.  This is a great example of never counting anyone out.  I respectfully declined his Jagerater just in case he has something else better to trade and it turns out he did. Never hurts to be nice to people.  Not a bad start to our contest either! 

Trade #2 Complete 9/1/12

This is the first trade for the bartering challenge that I'm currently competing in.  I'd say it's a good start since I was able to make a trade up in less than 24 hours of starting.  It's a 32gig iPad 2 with a nice leather case.  I shouldn't have any troubles trading this bad boy.  

What I think it's worth: $425 (up$75)

Offer #1: Truck Toolbox.  This is one of those toolboxes that you see in the back of pick-up trucks.  I don't really know the value of this things in the second hand market and I've seen this one listed for a while.  Pass.

Offer #2: RC car.  Haven't taken any of the 100 that have been offered to me since I started bartering and I'm not about to take one now.  

Offer #3: Professional Contracting Services.  I do need a bathroom installed in my basement, but that might be hard for me to trade up.  Since I'm currently in a bartering competition I couldn't take this one. 

Offer #4: 1987 Suzuki 250 Four Wheeler.  Winner winner chicken dinner. We all know how fast four wheelers trade.  The age doesn't concern me because it runs and drives good.  People love four wheelers and I know I won't have any problem trading this one up! 

***The cool part about this trade is I did it the SAME DAY as the iPad.  It helped that the four wheeler was located about 15 minutes from my house.  I don't think I've ever done 2 trades (in the same string) in one day, but in a competition is the best time to start! 

Trade #3 Complete 9/1/2012

Here she is! Nothing special, but a trade up for an iPad 2.  Not necessarily a HUGE trade up, but a trade up none the less. One thing to keep in mind when trading is not only the value of the item, but the tradability of it.  Four wheelers seem to trade fast and up pretty easily.   Also, the perceived value can range quite a bit.  For example, a 32gig iPad 2 is worth $400 to pretty much everyone.  This four wheeler might be worth $600 on the retail market.  However, someone that has a motorcycle worth $1,000 sitting in the garage not being used might be willing to make a trade because it's also a toy with a motor.  Would they be willing to trade for an Ipad? I doubt it because they know for a fact how much an iPad goes for since there are about 50 on Craigslist.  Well, that's enough of a lesson for today.  Let's get to the reason you read the blog..... Offffffffer time!!   

What I think it's worth: $600 (up $175)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Compaq Netbook Trade

Starting Date 7/2/2012

This is a Compaq CQ10-405DX Netbook.  My wife bought it for me about a year and a half ago and we never really used it.  There is one on eBay right now selling for $200, but I think that's a little high.  It's trade time!   

What I think it's worth: $175 

Offer #1: 45 & 78 RPM records.  I have no clue what the value of these are or if they have much trade appeal.  Since I'm looking to trade up and up I don't see this being a good trade.  I could be wrong, but I'm going with my gut! Plus, I've got something better for you guys!

Offer #2: Two DVD players and a home theater woofer with 5 speakers. I don't really feel like this would be much of a trade up.  So this is a no thank you.

Offer #3: .22 caliber pistol.  It's not in the best shape and I don't think guns would be very easy to trade.  Also, I'm pretty certain CL won't allow the trading of firearms so I had to turn this one down.  They turned around and offered me a HUGE 44 inch big screen.  Don't get too excited, it wasn't a flat screen it was one of those monsters that are like 4 feet tall.  Since we aren't in the 90s, this is a no. 

Offer #4: Wii with 2 controllers and 35 games.  I emailed this person back to get a little more info and they never emailed me back.  I may have taken this deal if got back to me, but they didn't.  Moving on. 

Offer #5: Blue-ray player with a surround sound bar and sub woofer.  I ask for picture and the brand a few days ago and they never responded.   

Offer #6: A large robotic dog.  No. 

Offer #7: Schwinn f18 electric scooter.  The retail value on these are about $400-$500.  This is a higher end model with full suspension and a couple other upgrades. We've communicated a few times and now we've set something up to make the trade! It's set for this afternoon so stay tuned to see if it happens! 

Trade #1 Complete 7/9/12

Well, I officially got my first deal done!  Above is the beautiful electric Schwinn F-18 I traded my netbook for earlier today.  It's in really good condition and drives like a champ.  I'll be listing this ASAP to get the next deal done. Stay tuned for a whole new set of offers!  

What I think it's worth: $325 (up $150+)

Offer #1: Two sets of paintball guns and gear (2 of everything). A treadmill and a Nintendo Wii.  Kind of a lot going on here, huh? I emailed this guy back and asked him to give me model numbers and pictures of everything.  He emailed me right back and said he'll do this all tonight and send it back.  He also mentioned that he REALLY wants this scooter.  This is a GREAT leverage point for me! I really wanted to keep this trade as one item for another item, but I might be able to make out like a bandit on this one.  Stay tuned!  Turns out everything was pretty low end so I had to pass. 

Offer #2: A Citizens watch and a Blue-ray player.  Since I already have two watches up for trade right now and I'm not a big movie guy, this is a no. 

Offer #3: Flip down 7'' monitor/dvd for a car. I can't get rid of my beloved scooter for this.  I don't think this would be a trade up.  The answer is no. 

Offer #4: Tikke 8 Cambering vehicle and a Mongoose Mountain bike. If you don't know what is Tikke 8 is, you're not alone.  It's one of those weird scoot type things.  Check it out on Google and you'll see that I mean.  I look like these things actually sell for decent money.  The only problem is I don't think the appeal of this item would be very high.  I emailed him back asking for more information on it so stay tuned!   

Offer #5:  Two people asked me what I would take for cash.  I know it's not really an offer, but I still wanted to post any kind offer I'm getting.  I shot them back a fairly high cash price and said I really wasn't looking for cash right now and I would prefer to trade.  I haven't heard anything back from either of them..

Offer #6:  Older Rolex watch.  It was owned by the guys grandfather and had some wear to it. I didn't care.  I was more than excited to make this trade.  It took a little convincing because he knew the watch was worth more than the scooter, but he really wanted the scooter and he wasn't a watch person.  He finally agreed to make the trade and I had him send me some pictures of the watch.  To my dismay, there were a few glaring signs that this was a fake.  First, the magnification glass over the date was barely magnified.  A real Rolex will have 2.5 times magnification making the date jump out at you and a fake will be around 1 times.  Second, the backing was clear and Rolex has NEVER made a watch with a clear backing.  So like my dream of owning a Rolex, this deal was dead.  Oh well, you win some you lose some. 

My Offer #7:  Specialize Rockhopper Comp Mountain Bike.  I emailed a guy trading a 2009 Specialized Rockhopper mountain bike.  These retail for about $900 brand new and this one was in mint condition.  Specialized is a higher end bike and I figured I could trade this up pretty quick.   I figured the value was at least $450 right now.  Another reason I did this is someone on CL also had a Schwinn Electric Scooter up for trade that was somewhat similar to mine and they were only looking for like $150.  So I had to act fast.   

Trade #2 Complete 7/17/2012

Trade #2 is in the books!  This is a Specialized Rockhopper Comp M4.  It is the high-end model of the Rockhopper.   The reason I took this is because the scoot was, I believe, 8 years old and had a limited group of potential traders.  I mean I know it was an awesome scooter and all, but in reality who wants to be seen on that thing?  Also, as I mentioned above there was other person stealing my electric scooter mojo on CL so I had to make a trade sooner rather than later.  The bike is only a couple years old and in excellent shape.  I shouldn't have a problem flipping fairly quick.  It's offer time!  

What I think it's worth: $450 (up $125)

Offer #1: Remington 870 express 12 Gauge Shotgun.  I don't see the value here and this also breaks my "no guns" rule.  Since you can't trade guns on Craigslist this would put my trading to a halt.  This is an easy, no.  

Offer #2: Kennedy 7 Drawer Tool Box.  This is a strong offer.  These tool boxes retail for about $1,000 new and they keep their value very well. He sent some picture and it looks liek this one is in great condition. I'm strongly considering this one.  The only problem, the next two offers that came in within an hour of this one....

Offer #3: Sony Bravia 40" LCD TV.  The model number that the guy gave one coming back with a fairly expensive TV which is great.  The only problem is flat screen TV depreciate so fast that I'm not sure if this would have been a trade up.  I'm favoring the tool box over this one right now. 

Offer #4: 1994 Kawasaki Bayou 300 4X4.  This is a no brainier.  This trade started off with the guy offering me two different trailers.  I told him that I was much of a trailer guy and asked if he had anything else he would consider trading.  He came back with this four wheeler that has a bent handle bar.  That's the only thing that's wrong with it.  He sent me pictures and the wheeler looks like it is in great shape.  Of course, I'm going to test it out before I take it, but this would be a HUGE trade up.  Stay tuned! 

Trade #3 Complete 7/20/2012

Well, looks like people really like their mountain bikes!  It only took me 4 days to trade the bike up to this sweet 4 wheeler.  This is my first trade for something with a motor and I'm pretty amped up about it.  It was an obvious no brainier once the offer was out there.  I just had to focus on closing the deal.  The wheeler looked a little rough when I went to make the trade, but I could see that it just needed a little TLC and it would be a great quad.  Plus, it runs great which is the most important thing.  I just spend all morning cleaning it up and getting it ready for it's debut on Craigslist.  I'm thinking this is going to be my last trade in the string.  I plan on cashing out whatever I take in next.  Offer Time!! 

What I think it's worth: $1,000 (up $550)

Offer #1: 1977 Yamaha 650 XS Motorcycle. He say that the bike needed a little work before it would be running. I told him that I was really looking for something that was in working condition.  The cool thing is this offer came about 15 minutes after I posted this quad.  However, I'm holding out for something better. 

Offer #2: 1996 Geo Tracker 4X4.  Pretty crazy when you think I started with a $150ish net computer and in less than two weeks I've already gotten an offer for a car.  Unfortunately, this one is in rough shape.  The guy said it runs fine, but I honestly don't have room where I live for a car that has seen better days.  I had to turn this one down. 

Offer #3: 10 hp Boat Motor and a Miller Stick Welder.  The value of these items might actually be the same if not more than the value of this quad, but I don't feel like the tradabilitiy (I just made that word up) is very high. This was an easy no.  Not as easy as the next offer though.... 

Offer #4: Mossberg 3030.  This is probably a $300ish gun. I understand at least asking because you never know until you ask (one of my favorite sayings), but this is just a waste of time.  The quad is worth about 4 times this gun.     

Offer #5: 1984 Honda shadow 500.  She said it runs and drives great.  I asked her for pictures of the bike and now I'm waiting to hear back. Stay tuned on this deal! 

Offer #6: 1989 Polaris Indy trail 488. The sled isn't running and it looks like junk in the photos.  Big no.  

Offer #7: 1985 XJ 700 Yamaha.  She said that the bike is ready to ride and she rides in daily.  I asked her for some pictures and she responded that she will take pictures and send them later today.  Stay tuned! 

***All of these offers came in just over 12 hours after posting this quad!

Offer #8: 750 KZ Kawasaki.  The guy made sure to tell me two different times in the email that his bike is worth more than my four wheeler. He didn't even tell me what year the bike was either.  I just responded "No thanks" and left it at that.  

Offer #9: 14' boat and Trailer with a 10HP Johnson Motor.  This might have actually been a good trade from what the pictures looked like.  There are just a couple problems.  First, I live in a fairly residential area and this boat would be an eye sore for my neighbors. Second, I know boat motor are notorious for having issues and I just don't feel like taking a chance. I had to say no.

Offer #10: HPI Baja 26cc SS. I guess this is some kind of higher end RC car.  I don't know the first thing about RC cars and I'm not that interested to learn about them. Easy no. 

Offer #11: CASH.  This lady emailed me asking to call her husband because they were very interested in buying the quad.  I didn't bother calling him because I'm looking to do one more trade.  This might turn out to be a dumb decision on my part or he might have tried low balling me. I guess we'll never know. 

Offer #12: 1984 KLR 600 Enduro. For those who don't know what an enduro is, it's a motorcycle that you can take on and off road.  The bike looks to be in good shape, but there is one glaring problem for me.  I've seen this bike up for barter for a couple weeks now.  So, if I take it in trade it just means that the bike is going to be in the barter section that much longer.  I would rather take a fresh new item and trade it then attempting to trade something that someone has been trying to trade for a while.  See what I mean? 

Offer #13: 2004 Yamaha TTR 125.  The bike is in excellent shape.  The only problem is it's worth about $900 on a good day.  So I turned him down politely.  However, I responded to him seeing if he would trade for the rims.  Haven't heard back! haha

Offer #14: 1999 Kawasaki Vulcan.  The bike appears to be in great shape and the owner said it runs just fine as well.  I'm going to check it out this afternoon and we might have a deal.  If everything checks out, this would increase the value about $500-$700 on this trade string.  Stay tuned!! 

Trade #4 Complete 7/23/2012

You're looking at a 1999 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500cc.  It looks like people really like 4X4 four wheelers because I had this deal done within 3 days of owning the four wheeler.  The story was that the bike needed a little cosmetic work and the guy who owned it didn't want to put in the time to do the work.  Luckily, I don't mind putting in the time and/or I could just trade it as is to someone that does want to do the work.  Regardless this was a big trade up for the four wheeler.  

After bringing this bike home and getting a closer look at everything it appears to need a little more lovin than I am willing to do.  So I shinned up what I could on it and re-posted on Craigslist. Offer time! 

What I think it's worth: $1,700 (up $700)

Offer #1: 2002 Honda 400EX.  This is a nice bike, but it's a little older than I was looking for and I don't think it would be much of a trade up. 

Offer #2: 1998 Honda Superhawk 996.  Superhawks are really nice and fast street bikes.  I'm not sure if I wanted to trade into a street bike or if this would be much of a trade up so I'm going to keep my options open for another day or so. 

My Offer: 2005 Polaris Predator.  I saw an ad for a guy with a Polaris Predator looking to trade for a street bike.  So I emailed him the information on my bike and asked if he would be willing to trade.  This wouldn't be a huge trade up, but it would still be a trade up because of the current condition of my the bike.  We are going back and forth and as of right now it looks pretty good.  Stay tuned!! UPDATE: Everything is a good and we set up the trade.  The only problem is we set it up for this coming Sunday which is 5 days away.  A LOT can happen in 5 days in the trading world.  Like this....

Offer #3: 1976 1980 Harley Sportster.  I have wanted to own a Harley for some time now and here is my chance.  I know I already set up the trade with the four wheeler guy, but if everything checks out with this Harley I would be stupid not to take it because it would be a HUGE trade up.  The guy explained to me that he was looking to trade the Harley because he wanted something bigger.  So we set up a time for him to come take a look at the bike.  He came and loved it so I loaded the my bike up and drove over to his house to make the trade for this Harley.  After inspecting it I noticed the the VIN number was painted over.  The bike had recently got a new paint job (and it looked awesome) and the idiot painter painted over the VIN number.  A long story short I told the guy I couldn't trade unless I had a VIN number for the Harley.  So he told me he would look for the VIN and get back to me and I told him that I already have a deal set up for the following morning so he'll have to do it ASAP.  He called a couple hours later and said he found the numbers, but they are a little scratched off and he can't make them all out.  This would lead one to believe the bike is stolen or something a long those lines.  Well, the older bikes have VIN numbers on the frame AND the engine.  The numbers on the engine were the same as the ones that he could make out on the frame.  So I was still considering making the trade.  That is until I did a little more research on the VIN and found out that it was actually a 1980 Sportster.  That decreased the value by quite a bit and basically sealed the deal for me not to take it.  Now, I don't feel bad because I don't have to cancel on the other guy and I'm getting a sick Polaris Predator.  Pretty cool when you can choose between a nasty four wheeler and a Harley!

Trade #5 Complete 7/28/2012

Well, as you can see I made the trade for the Polaris.  This thing flies!! I've been driving four wheelers for years and I can say I've never been on a quad this fast.  It starts right up and drives like a champ.  I'm thinking about cashing this one out.  It's in good working condition and I'm thinking I can sell it pretty fast for $1,700-$1,800.  The book value is over $2,200 and that's about what others are selling for, but I'm look for a quick sell and with winter around the corner my time is somewhat limited.  HOWEVER, I might throw it up in the barter section and see what happen!! haha 

What I think it's worth: $1,800 (up $100) and got rid of a headache 

Well I couldn't resist and I put it up for barter... Offer time!!

Offer #1: Hover Craft.  I couldn't make this stuff up if I wanted too.  If you're following the Invicta Watch trade string you'll see that I just got offered a 6X6 Argo amphibious vehicle as well.  These offers came within 30 mins of each other.  What else besides bartering allows you to turn down a hover craft and a amphibious vehicle within an hour of each other?  I really don't know the first thing about hover crafts and I'm not sure if the market for this type of vehicle is big enough. Would I love to say I own a hover craft? Yes, but unfortunately the coolness of that would wear off pretty quick and I might be stuck with it for a while.  So I had to turn the hover craft down.  Sounds weird saying that.... 

Offer #2: Weight Bench, Motorcycle riding helmets and jackets,  Tony little, Xbox w/games, Controllers, Playstation w/lots of games and accessories, Hand tools, Motorcycle jackets, Gloves, and Helmets, Atv riding gear (brand new) Kids freestyle bikes, Dell desktop, Men's gold plated MZI watch.  Keep in mind this is for a 2005 4 wheeler with a book value of over $2,200.  I would bet if you added everything up it wouldn't even be near $2,000. I always try to be nice when I turn people's offers down, but this was hard because it was such a low ball offer.  However, I bit my tongue and just said "I'm going to have to pass".

Offer #3: 2003 Honda CR 125. This bike is actually in great condition (see the pictures page).  However, I'm starting to see that motocross dirt bikes are a dime a dozen on Craigslist. This would be a fairly large trade down mostly because the age of the bike.  

Offer #4: 2003 KTM 250 SX. See what I mean when I said motocross bikes are a common? This bike might be worth sightly more because of the size of the engine, but still a trade down.  In case you're wondering, I use NADA when checking values of motorcycles, snowmobiles and ATV.  It's the best way to judge the value of an item. 

My Offer: 2004 Polaris XC SP 600. I saw this on here as I was cruising Craigslist and I figured I would shoot him a quick email asking if he would be interested in trading for the Predator.  Turns out he is!  This is a perfect example of one of my favorite sayings which is "you don't know until you ask". The value of this snowmobile is about $2,700 and the best part is it's in mint condition which is way easier to sell.  I'm going to meet him tomorrow (8/13) to trade.  Stay tuned!  

Offer #5: CASH.  The guy offered me $1,700 and he would come pick it up today.  I have it listed for $2,100 so it's somewhat of a low ball, but cash is king after all. I explained to him that I have a trade set up for tonight, but I would let him know if it falls through.  If that was the case I would try squeezing a couple more bucks out of him to get it as close to 2g's as possible

Offer #6: 1977 Ford LTD.  Just so you don't have to waste time Googling this, I'll tell you what it is. It's a car that's about 20 feet long.  I guess it's in good shape with only 35,000 miles, but unfortunately I don't have a hanger to park it in so I had to say no.    

**** UPDATE: Well, this is one of those things I'll have to file under "Lesson Learned".  I drove about an hour out of the way to bring the four wheeler to this guy.  The four wheeler needs a little work, BUT I called him the night before to tell him the issues and he said yeah "I'm definitely still interested in trading.  Turns out he is full of (insert explicit word for poop here). He looked at it for about 2 minutes almost like he wasn't interested in the first place.  He didn't even ask to hear it or take it for a test drive.  Long story short, it was a complete waste of time.  However, because there is always a silver lining, I called the guy that offer cash and now we are trying to set up something for him to come it at it.  Stay tuned! UPDATE: Didn't hear anything back from the cash offer guy.  Moving on!

Offer #7: 1982 Camaro.  I guess it's built with a 305 vette motor and a nunch of other stuff that I don't really understand.  The only problem here is, cars can be very expensive to fix and I'm just not in the business (yet) of getting these things and putting a bunch of money in them to fix it up.  Might be a killer trade, but I'm looking to take it one step at a time and I feel like a 82' Camaro might be a leap.  CamarNO deal. See what I did there...

Offer #8: $5,000 worth of Snap-on tools. Be very careful when someone tells you the value of anything they own.  It might have been $5,000 in 1985 before these tools were used for 27 years.  There might be some value here, but I don't really feel like these tools are worth more than the quad.  

Offer #9: 2007 Polaris Outlaw plus me throwing in $500.  This is basically the same four wheeler only a newer model.  I told him I was interested in spending any money and he came back with a straight trade.  Why he would want to trade for an older version of what they have is a little puzzling.  I'm still going back and forth with this one so stay tuned!

Offer #10:  1975 Harley Sportster 1000cc.  Another Harley! I'm going to end up just taking one of these because I've wanted a Harley since I started doing this (last month).  This is was a little bit rough, but could be worth some good money.  I'm just waiting to hear back where the bike is located and I might take a ride to check it out.  Another one to stay tuned for! 

Offer #11: 2005 KX250F.  I'm just not a huge fan of racing bikes.  There are soooo many up for trade right now and I see the same ones over and over which tells me they are having a hard time to trade.  The values are probably pretty close, but I'm looking for a definitely trade up.  Not something that "might" be worth more to the right person. 

Offer #12: 2000 Polaris Super Sport 550.  This is an older snowmobile that is worth about $1,000 less than the quad.  Easy no. 

Offer #13: Bus/Camper.  Check out the Offer Pictures page to see this sweet ride.  It actually looks like it's in decent shape.  I have no clue how I could assess the value which scares me a little bit.  Plus, the storage of this thing would be a problem.  I have a place to park toys, but party buses are a different story.  I haven't said no yet and if the guy is local I might actually check this out for the fun of it.  Still working on the Harley deal! 

Trade #6 Complete 8/25/2012

 I was busy as heck this past month so it took longer than I would have liked.  However, I finally got my Harley!! It's a 1975 Harley Sportster.  This thing looks great for being 37 years old and it sounds even better than it looks.  There's only one problem.  I want to keep it.  I have a vision for this bike that I think would be sweeet.  However, my wife would most likely kill me if I tired too.  So instead I believe I'm done trading on this string and it's time to sell and make some cashola. haha Who am I kidding,  I'm 100% addicted to bartering so I'll list it and only take something amazing.   

What I think it's worth: $2,500 (Up $700)

Cash Out!!!  9/2/12 $2,100

Alright, so it turns out the wife won out on this one.  Realistically, I knew I couldn't keep this one anyways.  Plus, I'll take cash over a 1975 Harley any day of the week.  I feel like this wasn't the best trade to show you guys because of the time it took.  I wasn't as proactive as I would have liked to be on this one, but it still shows you that it's possible. 

To learn how I was able to do this check out www.MakeMoneyBartering.com.  I share all my secrets and teach people how to do what I did for free.  Yes, for free. 

Invicta Watch Trade

Started 7/1/2012

This is a model 1491 Invicta Watch. I bought it online from a daily deal site for $60 about 8 months ago.  I had plans to sell it for $120 on CL, but I've been having a hard time.  So it's time to trade!

What I think it's worth $110-$120

Offer #1:  Xbox 360 Halo 2 edition with 5 games.  He wanted me to throw an additional $50 in to make the trade.  I'm purposely doing this with no cash involved so this was a no.

Offer #2:  16g 2nd Gen iPod Touch.  I thought this was a good deal so we set something up to make the trade.  That morning he canceled because of a family emergency.... That's alright because check out the other offers that are coming in.

Offer #3: 8g 4th Gen iPod Touch with a cracked screen.  The cracked screen isn't a big deal because I could easily fix it.  However, that would cost me about $20 for the parts and I'm really trying to make this a no cash project.  We emailed back and forth and the guy lives about an hour and a half from me.  That's a little farther than I was planning on driving to trade. So this is a no

Offer #4: 40G Play station 3 with 3 games.  This would make for a good deal, but the guy explained that the controls are very worn out.  Also, he lives far away and isn't willing to meet anywhere.  I'll table this one for now and if I don't get any better offers I'll probably contact him again and make the trade.  

Offer #5:  A set of 20 inch rims and tires.  This one came in last night and I will take it immediately if he wants to do it.  I would even be willing to drive out of my way to make this happen.  Waiting for a response.... UPDATE: He asked me what the value of my watch was.  I responded with saying "I know the watch isn't worth quite what your rims are, but I figured at least you can wear the watch everyday and the rims are just sitting there collecting dust.".  Then I asked if he tried selling the rims yet which I'm assuming he has and he hasn't been able to which might make him want to just get rid of them. UPDATE: He went for the trade!!! I'm PUMPED because the value of these rims is easily 10 times what I paid for the watch.  See below.

Trade #1 Complete 7/10/2012

A set of 20 inch chrome Pinnacle P27 rims!! I am beyond excited about this trade.  I know it might take a little work to get ride of these, but that's what it's all about.  They are a little dirty right now, but I'm going to shine them up before I retake picture to list back on CL.   This is a perfect example of the fact that the trade isn't dead until it's DEAD.  After he asked me the value of my watch I thought for sure I wasn't going to hear anything from him.  However, I refused to give up and I bugged this guy a few times to try to make this trade happen. All the persistence paid off BIG TIME.

What I think it's worth: $600 (up $540)

Offer #1: Honda 50 mini bike and a 19" monitor.  The bike is really old and needs more work than I can put into it.  I'm going to have to turn this one down.  It's encouraging though getting an offer within an hour of posting.

Offer #2: Mahogany Acoustic Fender Guitar or Firearms or Old Cards. I just don't see the value in any of these.  The guitar sells on eBay for about $250ish and I want to stay away from firearms right now.  The old cards just don;t do it for me and I don't see myself being able to get more than what I can get for the rims.  

Offer #3: JL 250/1 mono amp and box with 12" speakers. I'm staying away from audio equipment right now.  I seem to get offered that type of stuff pretty often which leads me to believe there is a surplus out there. 

Offer #4: Cash or something they would find if the bolt pattern matched.  It turns out the bolt pattern wasn't right so they didn't want to make the trade.  

Offer# 5: Vintage 70s Vocals amp with 2 huge cabinets and 2 12inch kicker l7s in custom box.  More audio stuff.  Not interested.  

Offer #6:  Utility Trailer. The trailer wasn't that bad, but I didn't feel like this was the right one.  I'm being picky, but I want to make sure I'm getting the better deal. So I turned this one down. 

Offer #7: DVD player 2 sub woofers amp component Boston acoustic speakers.  More car audio junk.  I actually edited my listing to include "No car audio stuff please".  Since nothing has changed since I turned down the last car audio offer, this is a NO. 

Offer #8: 15 Foot Glastron Boat.  I had him send me pictures of it and then I noticed something. No motor.  I was strongly considering it if it had a working motor.  There are TONS of people on CL looking to trade for boats.  However, no motor means no deal. 

Offer #9: 1990 Katana street bike. This seems like it would be a pretty good deal so I asked him for pictures.  Haven't heard anything since.  This happens more often then you would think.  Its pretty annoying, but it's all part of the game. 

Offer #10: Xtreme 110cc Pit Bike. I was strongly considering this trade because there are always people looking for dirt bikes for their kids on Craigslist.  I had him send me a picture and I grilled him with questions.  It turns out the bike needs too much work for this to be worth it for me.  Unfortunately, I'm not a mechanic which would be a perfect skill for bartering on Craigslist.  I had to turn this one down. 

**** At this point I've had the rims for about 2 and a half weeks.  Which in the grand scheme of things isn't very long, but I'm really looking to dump these things now.  I want to keep the trade string going and the rims seems to have too narrow of an audience.  I changed the headline to read that I would trade for a brand new iPad 2 which would cost a person about $400.  This might be a slight trade down, but I know I could trade the iPad fast and for something more valuable.  Even though this trade string is going a little bit slower, I would still do it again because it was such a big increase in value.  There will be the right person out there for the rims!! 

Offer #11: CASH.  They guy offered me $450 which I probably should have taken, but I didn't want to quite give up yet.  I came back with a strong $550 and never heard back.  

Offer #12: 75 Gallon Fish Tank.  This aquarium came with all kinds of extras, but the value just isn't there.  It looked like a home made cabin.  You can buy this whole set up buy new for about $450.  Easy no. 

****Last night I decided that I wasn't going to sit around anymore and let this rims trade themselves.  I emailed jut about everyone I could that had a value on their items of $750 and lower.  Got a few responses, but oddly enough someone that I didn't email emailed me a killer offer.....

Offer #13: 1998 SeaDoo Jet Ski with Trailer.  I immediately asked him for a picture which he promptly sent to me.  I then continued to ask a few questions about the jet ski to hide my excitement.   We went back and forth over email then picked it up in a text message conversation.  It turns out the rims will fit perfectly on the car he has which was a lucky break on my part.  He told me the jet ski needs a little TLC, but I don't care because I plan to trade it AS IS to someone who knows how to fix this thing.  We set something up to make the trade and now I'm just waited to here back a time that will work.  Stay tuned!! 

Trade #2 Complete 7/31/2012

1998 Bombardier Jet Ski!!! Not only am I happy about owning a jet ski, I'm also happy about finally getting rid of the rims!  It took me about two and a half weeks to finally find a trade for those things.  I'm sure I could have done it sooner if I would have know the bolt pattern right off.  Lesson learned!  The jet ski needs a little bit of work, but I plan I to trade it as is. The crazy part about this trade is it took place at 12:30am at night because the guy had to drive about 3 hours to get here.  Oh well, anything for a good deal!  I'm anxious to get this list and see what I get for offers. 

What I think it's worth: $1200 (up $600)

Offer #1:  1996 Geo Tracker 4x4.  Look familiar?  Well, that's because this was also offered on my Compaq Netbook string.  It appears as if this person is having a hard time getting rid of his Geo.  I'm not looking to add that to my stock pile.  Pass.

Offer #2: 2007 craftsman 5000.  This is actually a decent lawn mower, but I don't think the value is quite there.  I'm going to hold out a little bit for a better offer.  

Offer #3: Baylinder Bow Rider.  They didn't much more information then that. I asked for some pictures and I haven't heard anything back.  Happens all the time. 

Offer #4: 1998 dr350.  This is an enduro style bike.  It's actually pretty nice and I might consider trading for it.  We are emailing back and forth and now I'm just waiting on some pictures.  I have a few other offers that are interesting too so I'm not going to rush anything. 

Offer #5: Arctic Cat 2003 Sno Pro 440.  This is a really nice snowmobile with only 1,100 miles on it.  This would be the most valuable offer I've received yet so I'm working on closing the deal.  Stay Tuned!

Offer #6: 1988 Golf Cart.  It looks good in the pictures and upon doing further research this particular company hasn't changed the style of their golf carts since '86 so the age isn't much of a factor in terms of appearance.  I don't feel like the value is there compared to a couple other offers I've received so far.  However, the guy lives in the same town as me so it might be a great backup plan.  Also, golf carts seem to be quite desirable on Craigslist.  Don't ask me way.  This one is still open. 

Offer #7: 1997 Polaris Ultra 700cc.  Another strong offer.  It's in pretty much mint condition and the value is quite high.  The guy lives about 45 minutes away and really wants to come look at the Seadoo.  This is in second place right now behind the Arctic Cat.  If I can't close that deal I'm going to work on this one.  I'll know more later today.  Stay tuned! 

Offer #8: Electric Go Cart.  He didn't send any pictures along with this offer and I didn't ask for any.  I've got a few other possible trades in the works and I didn't feel like adding a new one in the mix.  I graciously turned this offer down. 

Offer #9: 2001 Honda CR 125.  This was another good offer.  The one downside to this offer is that I see dirt bikes on here ALL the time.  so in that case I'm not sure how long it would take.  I prefer the other trades I'm working on right now so I shot this one down.  I love the fact I can turn down someone basically trying to give me a dirt bike and not feel bad about it at all.  I.  Love.  Bartering. 

Trade #3 Complete 8/4/2012

I took the Polaris Ultra deal! The reason is the snowmobile is in great shape and should be very easy to trade since people are starting to think about winter. The jet ski need some serious loving so I'm glad I found a guy that could see through that.  I got quite a few offers on this one for only posting it once. I might have been able to something a little bit better, but I didn't want to take that chance.   For me, speed is the name of the game in bartering and I'm happy I was able to flip the jet ski this fast.  Now lets hope these offers start flying in! 

What I think it's worth: $1,400 (up $200)

My Offer: 2006 250cc Go Cart.  I haven't had time to list the snowmobile yet because I've been too busy cleaning my other items.  I did email this guy though asking if he would be interested in trading his go cart for the snowmobile.  He specifically asked for a snowmobile in his listing so I figured I would give him a shot. He seems interested and wants more pictures.  I made the rookie mistake of only taking this one picture so I need to go back a take a few more.  I was planning on doing that after I got done getting everything else ready to list.  Looks like I'm going to have to get to it sooner rather than later which isn't a bad thing! Stay tuned! UPDATED: He said he was looking for a newer style snowmobile so he would have to pass.  I very nicely explained to him that the newer style sleds are worth quite a bit more than what his go cart is worth. I ended it with if he changes his mind to let me know, but I couldn't guarantee how long I would have it for. 

Offer #1: Guns.  He told me one of the guns which was a 7mm.  To those not familiar with guns this is a nice one, but not quite the value I was looking for.  He said he would add more if he needed too, but I told him I wasn't really looking for guns. Moving on.

Offer #2: 1986 6X6 Argo.  The weird thing about this offer is I was just watching Auction Hunters early in the night and they found a 6X6 Argo in one of their storage units.  It didn't look like it was in the best shape and he said it needed a battery which I don't know how much that cost.  I turned it down because there were too many questions marks.  Pretty cool offer though. 

Offer #3: 1983 Suzuki gs 550e This isn't even close to equal much less and increase in value.  No. 

Offer #4: Savage Model 11SA .308 Rifle. He had the gun set up for long range shooting which add to the value.  It might have even been a decent trade, but I'm not interested in dealing with guns right now.  Pass.

Offer #5: ATV trailer.  I've already got a trailer from another one of my trades so this was an easy no.  Plus, I don't see the value here.  

Offer #6: Rinnai LP Heater. I've seen a couple of these on Craigslist recently and they are never listed for very much.  Also, I feel like the pool of people who would want this is fairly limited.  I won't be making the mistake again. 

Offer #7: .50 Cal Muzzle Loader. What is it with people and guns?  Apparently they buy them and get tired of them pretty quick.    No deal. 

Offer #8: 14' Fiberglass boat with motor.  She explained to me that the motor needs a little bit of work.  Since I've started bartering I've learn a few lessons.  One of those is not to bite off more than you can chew in terms of fixing something up.  I don't mind "putting lipstick on a pig", which just means shining the hell out of something to make it look new, but fixing something that isn't working at all is a tough one.  If it's a HUGE trade up and you are somewhat mechanically inclined, then maybe you should consider it.  If you are looking for a quick flip, stay away.  Boating season is coming to an end and I'm not feeling like getting it fixed.  Noski. 

Offer #9: 2006 Diamo 250 Enduro Motorcycle.  I've never heard of the brand Diamo.  After doing some research it looks like these go for around $1,500.  I haven't turned them down yet, but I'm thinking I might.  We'll see what comes in the next few days.  

Offer #10: Scott's riding lawn tractor.  These only go for around $800.  Immediate no. 

Offer #11: 1997 CBR F3. This is a perfect example of how trades can come from anywhere.  Let me explain how this one came to be.  I store all my toys at my best friends house because he has a huge garage that he doesn't use and he was kind enough to let me use it for my trading. This friend has a roommate who ALWAYS has friends over.  Well, one of those friends helped me unload the snowmobile when I first got it.  He is really into snowmobiles and wanted it bad because it's a triple and it rips.  He only had a 14' aluminum boat to trade so I couldn't do it.  He then told his brother about the snowmobile.  His brother just so happens to have this motorcycle that he never uses anymore because he just had a little girl, but he was really looking to get back into riding snowmobile.  Thus, the offer for the motorcycle came to be.  That's a lot to follow, I know, but I hope I did a good job of explaining.  So to recap, the offer came from a friend of a friend of a friend's brother. Anyways, the value of these motorcycles is at least $2,000 which would be a big trade up for the snowmobile.  I'm going to see the bike tomorrow (8/28) and I'll let you guys know how it turns out.  Stay tuned!  

Offer #12: $1,000 CASH.  Pretty self explanatory. This offer came in after I already set up a time to go check out the motorcycle. It's decent, but I know I could get more so it's a no. 

Turns out the motorcycle was a bust and I just wanted to cash out.  Not to bad.

CASH OUT!!! 9/31/12 $1,100